Wuhan Laser upgraded to enter the national team

by:Caodahai     2021-09-03
Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology has identified a number of national high-tech industrialization bases. Six high-tech industrial bases including Wuhan Laser, Wuhan High-end Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Equipment have successfully entered the national level.   This time, there are 25 national high-tech industrial bases recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Hubei Province has been selected for nearly a quarter. At present, Wuhan-Optics Valley is forming a pattern of competitive development of strategic emerging industries such as electronic information and laser technology. Optics Valley High-tech Zone has become the main gathering place for high-end industries in Hubei Province. It has distinctive industrial clusters, relatively complete industrial chains, and leading enterprises. , High-tech industrial bases and clusters with outstanding innovation ability and strong radiation and leading role.   Wuhan Optics Valley is the birthplace of my country's first optical fiber and the first optical transmission system. Its domestic market share of optical fiber cables, optical devices, lasers and other products exceeds 50%, and the annual output of optical fibers and cables is the world's largest. In order to achieve the new goal of annual revenue of 500 billion yuan in 2015, Wuhan Optics Valley strives to cultivate 1 to 2 world-leading and 2 to 3 domestic leading sub-sectors, and newly cultivate 1 to 2 companies with annual sales exceeding 50 billion yuan. There are 5 to 6 companies with more than 10 billion yuan, and 150 companies with more than 1 billion yuan. Up to now, Optics Valley has led the formulation of 10 international standards. According to the planning requirements of the new target, it plans to lead the formulation of 100 international, national and industry standards within 3 years. The Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone, where Optics Valley is located, produced the world's first transmission system with a single optical fiber data transmission capacity exceeding 3.2TB (trillion bytes) per second, and developed the only domestic atomic clock and a miniaturized CPT atomic clock to carry people in China. Spacecraft, Qinghai-Tibet Railway informatization and high-end laser equipment have made significant contributions. Optics Valley’s new goals and plans put forward hard indicators for accelerating innovation: in optical communications, lasers, photoelectric displays, semiconductor lighting, photovoltaic solar energy, optical telecommunication equipment, geospatial information, Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, software and service outsourcing, In the fields of digital creativity and electronic consumption, the Ru0026D investment of enterprises will account for more than 4% of the total income of the enterprise, and the annual patent application volume of enterprises will exceed 5,000. Zhang Guangqing, director of the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Management Committee, said that the new plan will focus on supporting cutting-edge technologies and emerging fields that represent the development direction of the optoelectronic information industry in terms of enterprise cultivation, technology research and development, carrier construction, and talent introduction; it is determined that 10 billion yuan will be established within 5 years. Bonuses are used to encourage independent innovation. For example, for new industrial technology research institutions, a maximum of 70 million yuan in operating funding support can be given from the date of certification. Leading companies in optoelectronic information at home and abroad have invested 100 million yuan or more than 20 million US dollars in Optics Valley, and they will be rewarded with a total fixed asset investment of 5 permil within two years from the date of operation. The high-tech zone will also support 50 key enterprises every year in terms of government procurement, corporate financing, and innovation platform construction.
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