Wuhan High Energy Laser takes you into the fiber laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-02
Generally speaking, as long as it is a laser cutting machine, its working principle is roughly the same. However, because different laser cutting machines use different generators, the cutting effect is also different. Nowadays, the application of fiber laser cutting is very extensive. Next, we will follow Wuhan High Energy Laser into the fiber laser cutting machine, and let the experts give you a brief introduction.  The laser of the fiber laser cutting machine is to dope the pump into the fiber, and then through the semiconductor laser to emit a specific wavelength of laser coupling, and finally make the fiber generate laser light. Generally speaking, fiber laser cutting machines can be seen in many industries such as microelectronics, printing, automobiles, medical equipment, shipbuilding, aviation, etc. The processing range is from the core part to the processing of computer memory chips, to thick tubes. Deep penetration welding of the wall. Its advantage is that it has a good pattern and is more convenient for cutting work; the photoelectric conversion rate is several times that of carbon dioxide; it has great advantages for the cutting of sheet metal. The wavelength of the light emitted by the optical fiber is 1070 nanometers, which makes the absorption rate change even more. high. Secondly, the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine is relatively flexible, and it can be quickly integrated into 2-axis and multi-axis cutting machinery, robots and galvanometer systems, and the structure is compact. The overall look is an order of magnitude smaller than the processing of ordinary equipment. The service life can exceed 100,000 hours, and there is basically no need to replace the semiconductor light source.  Through the introduction of the above experts, I believe that everyone has some intuitive understanding of the working principle, application field and advantages of fiber laser cutting machine. It can be said that the fiber laser cutting machine is a very cost-effective product!
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