Wuhan High Energy Laser takes the needs of customers as its mission and makes 'good' equipment with heart

by:Caodahai     2021-09-02
Wuhan High Energy Laser has been engaged in the laser cutting machine industry for fifteen years. In the past 15 years, Wuhan High Energy Laser has always been committed to customer needs, only making equipment that is useful to customers, and satisfying all customers. Processing requirements. The laser cutting machine of Wuhan High Energy Laser has good performance. The good performance of Wuhan High Energy Laser Cutting Machine is reflected in the following two aspects; 1. From the perspective of equipment configuration, Wuhan High Energy Laser Cutting Machine adopts the P-MAC multi-axis motion controller imported from the United States. The path speed is fast, the computing power is strong, and the performance is stable. The laser of the laser cutting machine adopts the most advanced SPI fiber laser imported from Europe. The SPI fiber laser has fast cutting speed, good cutting effect, long life, and extremely low maintenance and use costs. 2. From the software point of view, Wuhan High Energy Laser adopts professional 2D and 3D cutting software. The software advantage is reflected in the independent research and development of Wuhan High Energy. It supports multiple modes of cutting and can process all the graphics that can be drawn, which greatly improves The diversity of equipment cutting graphics. Wuhan High Energy Laser's service is good. Wuhan High Energy Laser has customers all over the country, and many customers have been keeping in touch. In order to ensure the normal operation of the customer’s equipment, technical guidance on the laser cutting machine is often conducted over the phone. For problems that are difficult for customers to solve, we will dispatch technicians to door-to-door service until the problem is solved satisfactorily for the customer. For more product information about Wuhan Gaoneng Laser, you can log on the official website of the laser cutting machine http://www.gnlaser.com/.
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