Wuhan High Energy Laser Market Analysis and Evaluation of Laser Cutting Machines in 2014

by:Caodahai     2021-09-02
Looking at the sales report of Wuhan High Energy Laser's laser cutting machine in 2013, we can clearly see that sales have increased by about 30% year-on-year. With the improvement of my country's industrial production efficiency and the improvement of production technology, traditional low-end cutting processing equipment can no longer meet the development needs of domestic production, and high-end laser cutting equipment has begun to gradually replace traditional processing methods. From the national sales statistics report of laser cutting machines in previous years, we can conclude that the market growth rate of laser cutting machines in 2013 was about 10% or even higher. The Wuhan High Energy Laser Marketing Department pointed out that the laser cutting machine market is bound to grow in 2014. This is not just a reference to previous sales reports, but more importantly, based on customer feedback and macroeconomic trends. Today, my country's economy has entered a period of rapid development. With the increase in operating income of the people, the cost of many raw materials and labor in the market has risen, which greatly increases the operating burden of enterprises. Many customers through contact with us have the same idea, especially in the processing and manufacturing industry. Therefore, in order to maximize profits, many companies start to save costs and improve production efficiency, choosing automated laser cutting machines to replace manpower. The advantage of laser cutting machine over manpower is that it can work 24 hours a day and shorten the delivery cycle. Wuhan High Energy Laser believes that with the support of my country's favorable policies and the improvement of technology level in 2014, my country's laser cutting machine industry will be greatly developed. With the development of the laser cutting machine industry and the improvement of the technology of various laser cutting machine manufacturers, the competition will definitely become more intense. Coupled with the impact of foreign brands, the price of the domestic laser cutting machine market will be lowered as a whole, so that more and more customers Will choose a cost-effective laser cutting machine. Therefore, Wuhan High Energy Laser believes that the laser cutting machine market in 2014 will definitely show a growth trend. This article is organized and released by Wuhan Gaoneng Laser [http://www.gnlaser.com/]. Please indicate the source for reprinting.
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