Wuhan high-energy fiber laser cutting machine has no best, only better

by:Caodahai     2021-09-02
When many customers come to our company to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, they will ask us to see the best equipment for proofing. We were very confident and took the customer to see our 500w fiber laser cutting machine. After the customer saw it, they were very surprised and the effect was very good. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of fiber laser cutting machines, and there are many with power from low to high, ranging from tens of watts to as large as three kilowatts. However, Wuhan High Energy Laser is based on the conscience of the industry to provide customers with reliable and practical equipment. Wuhan High Energy Fiber Laser Cutting Machine does not have the best, only better. Because the fiber laser cutting machine is the latest research and development product, it is still in the perfect stage of technology, and the 500w fiber laser cutting machine produced by Wuhan High Energy uses the most stable SPI fiber laser, whether it is cutting effect or cutting speed. Very good. Many small manufacturers on the market exaggerate the power of fiber lasers for their own benefit, and use high-power fiber lasers as a selling point to fool customers. Among them, there are some tricks. First of all, many high-power fiber lasers are particularly unstable. The cutting effect cannot be completely guaranteed to be better than the low-power ones, and the after-sales maintenance costs are very high. Wuhan Gaoneng received a customer. Before, I saw the proofing of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine from other manufacturers, and then I saw the proofing effect of our 500W. I felt that our fiber laser was not 500w. The proofing operator laughed. In fact, the ultimate power of fiber lasers is not much power, but the key is stability. As a 15-year-old manufacturer of laser cutting machines, Wuhan High Energy Laser has a reputation and reputation in the industry. So far, there has been no case of return, no case of dispute lawsuits, and some repeat customers and customer recognition. For more information about laser cutting machine products, please follow the official website of Wuhan High Energy Laser Cutting Machine http://www.gnlaser.com/
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