Why use a laser cutting machine to process metal materials?

by:Caodahai     2021-08-19
The development of the machine tool manufacturing industry has driven the development of the metal machining industry. In particular, the application of laser cutting machines has improved the quality of end products by another quality. The application of laser cutting machine solves many requirements that cannot be met by traditional cutting processes, especially in the cutting direction of metal materials. Why choose a laser cutting machine to process metal materials? Let's analyze it below: 1. The slit of laser cutting is narrow and the deformation is small. The laser beam is focused on a very small spot, so that the concentrated place can achieve high power density. At this time, the heat absorbed by the material exceeds the reflected, transmitted or diffused part, and the material is quickly heated to a certain degree of evaporation, and the evaporation forms a hole. As the beam and the material move in a relatively straight line, the hole forms a very narrow cutting slit. The heat-affected range of the workpiece is small, and there is basically no deformation. Auxiliary gas can also be added during the cutting process. Steel cutting uses oxygen as an auxiliary steam for the body and molten metal to produce an exothermic chemical reaction to oxidize substances, while helping to fight the seam slag. Reduce polypropylene plastic with compressed air, cotton, paper-cut flammable materials and use inert steam. The auxiliary steam input from the nozzle can still cool the focusing lens and prevent dust from entering the lens, causing pollution and overheating of the lens. Most organic and inorganic materials can be laser cut. In the heavy metal processing industry in the industrial manufacturing system, many metal materials, no matter what kind of hardness, can be cut without distortion. Of course, high-reflectivity materials, such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum alloys, are also good heat transfer conductors, so laser cutting is very difficult, even if it cannot be cut. Laser cutting has no burrs, folding edges, high precision, and is better than plasma cutting. For many electromechanical manufacturing industries as a whole, because the microcomputer program-controlled laser cutting system can reduce modern convenient workpieces of different sizes and shapes, it is often more preferred than the cutting and forming process; although it is slow in mold processing speed, it does not There is no dead consumption, no need to repair the mold, and save the time to replace the mold, save the processing cost, reduce the production cost, so it is more economical from the overall consideration. 2.Laser cutting is a very high energy density. Fortunately, there is no contact controllable processing. The laser beam form is a small energy bill. After the small energy bill, it is coated with many features and reduced. First, the laser light is converted into magical heat to keep it in a small area. Area, can provide (1) a narrow straight edge slit; (2) the smallest adjacent cut heat affected zone; (3) small local deformation. Second, the laser beam does not cause any force. It does not contact the cutting tool, which means (1) there is no mechanical deformation; (2) there is no tool wear, and the cutting tool is far from being converted; (3) the cutting material is not To consider its hardness, that is, the effect of the laser cutting ability from the reduced hardness of the material, any hardness of the material can be reduced. Thirdly, the laser beam is controllable and has good adaptability and flexibility. Therefore (1) It is convenient to combine automation equipment and easy to automate the cutting process; (2) There is no cutting limit, and the laser beam has unlimited imitating cutting capabilities. (3) And integrated computer, but the emission of the whole board saves materials. 3.Laser cutting has a wide range of adaptability and flexibility. First of all, compared with other thermal cutting methods, at the same time as a hot cutting process, other methods are not like laser beams. In a small area, the result is a wide incision. Heat affected zone and obvious deformation. Laser can cut non-metals and materials that cannot be cut by other thermal cutting methods. Compared with other traditional processing methods, laser cutting has greater flexibility.
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