Why should the fiber laser cutting machine adopt a closed cover appearance

by:Caodahai     2021-08-17
Fiber laser cutting machine is a modern new type of laser cutting equipment. It quickly occupied the thin metal sheet processing market by virtue of its advantages such as fast processing speed, excellent processing effect, low processing cost, fewer failures, and convenient maintenance. Many laser cutting machine manufacturers will give customers two different types of fiber laser cutting machines. One is with a closed cover and the other is without a closed cover. Is there any difference between the two?   First of all, we will introduce the wavelength of fiber laser. Generally, the wavelength of lasers is around 10.6um. In this wavelength range, it is easily absorbed by non-metallic materials, that is, some non-metallic materials can be processed. However, the wavelength of fiber laser is only about 1.06um, which is easily absorbed by metal materials and can cut most metal materials. However, according to international safety standards, the hazard levels of lasers can be divided into 4 levels. The wavelength of fiber laser cutting machines is the shortest, and the damage to human glasses is relatively large. It belongs to the highest level of hazard levels, so fiber laser cutting machines Processing needs to be carried out in a closed environment. In order to take into account the personal safety of the operator, the laser cutting machine manufacturer will customize a suitable closed cover for customers to choose. Here, Wuhan High Energy Laser suggests that you should not neglect the operating safety of the fiber laser cutting machine in order to save costs when the budget is relatively sufficient, and the personal safety of employees can be guaranteed to effectively create unlimited value for the enterprise. . Therefore, when buying a fiber laser cutting machine, you must choose the one with a closed cover. For information on the price of fiber laser cutting machine, you can refer to: Forecast of the price of fiber laser cutting machine in 2014
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