Which CNC cutting machine should be used for thin plate stainless steel processing

by:Caodahai     2021-09-23
Sheet cutting is a material cutting method that is widely used in advertising, sheet metal and other industries. Its main feature is that most of the processed materials are stainless steel, and the processing thickness is mostly below 3.0mm. For the cutting of similar materials, which style of CNC Is the cutting machine more suitable? Which cutting method is more effective? First of all, in terms of cutting methods, we recommend processing. In addition to the cutting speed and cost, the main advantages are that the flame cutting is represented by a variety of cutting methods. There is a problem of burning edges for thin plates below 3.0mm. In terms of material, flame cutting can not complete the processing of stainless steel and other materials. The CNC laser cutting machine can cut various metals with different working gases, especially for non-ferrous metal sheets. However, as a thermal processing equipment, the CNC plasma cutting machine will inevitably be thermally deformed during the cutting process. Research shows that choosing different cutting processes in the cutting process can effectively improve the amount of deformation. Through the analysis of the deformation law and the influence range of the workpiece cut by the CNC laser cutting machine, it is concluded that proper plate leveling is carried out before cutting, and the plate is fixed reasonably to prevent the workpiece from moving during the cutting process; when programming the cutting program , Choose a reasonable cutting process to separate the largest dimension surface of the workpiece from the mother board at the end; for cutting slender or special-shaped parts, using two-piece paired cutting and other control methods can effectively prevent and reduce the thermal deformation of the cut workpiece.
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