Where is the future of the laser industry?

by:Caodahai     2021-08-31
The laser industry is an emerging industry now, and many companies are rushing to invest, but very few really pay off, such as solar energy and LEDs. Nowadays, the development direction of the laser industry is not clear enough. Without the dominance of traditional industries, the development of some applications will even be replaced by applications in other fields. How can we practitioners in the laser industry define the development direction?  How to determine the development direction, which is the mainstream industrial laser processing? Demo entertainment? Medical beauty? Detection measurement? Scientific research? Or to develop a new type of industry market? This article selects the laser cutting machine in the industrial laser processing industry to analyze the development direction of the laser industry for you. According to the data, as of 2012, the global laser cutting machine equipment has reached 35,000 units, and my country has only 1,500 on this basis. From this base, it shows that the market demand for laser cutting machines in my country is very large. In the current demand market, the market coverage of petroleum, steel, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, textile, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, laser processing centers and other fields has grown rapidly. According to expert statistics, at the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the market demand for high-power laser cutting machines in China will reach more than 15,000 units. Among them, the market demand for three-dimensional laser cutting machines, large-format laser cutting machines, and high-precision laser cutting machines is also increasing. It’s great. The high power of our country’s fiber lasers has continuously broken through to the 10,000 watt level, which means that the high power market of fiber laser cutting machines independently developed by our country will become competitive with foreign imported equipment.    However, China The laser equipment manufacturing industry is affected by the overall environment, and the profit of the industry is relatively low. It has been blocked by foreign technology in the early stage, resulting in a series of chain reactions. With the continuous breakthrough of existing technology, this environmental factor has improved. However, China’s laser equipment is mainly concentrated in the low-end market, and it is urgent to increase investment in research and development, transform to the high-end market, and make the market move towards sustainable development.   The application of lasers has always been one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. In the rapid development, since the beginning of the 21st century, it has been affected by the global manufacturing industry. Development has been stagnated, growth has been slow, and even signs of decline have appeared in some areas. The main reasons for these reasons are divided into three points:   First, Restricted by the global market economy. Restricted by the development of the automobile, steel and other industries, the impact on the application of laser processing is very obvious, which severely restricts the development of laser cutting.    Second, the company’s own capital constraints. Due to financial capital constraints, companies Insufficient liquidity, it is difficult to expand production and increase Ru0026D efforts, and it is difficult to improve the level of technology.    Third, it is blocked by technology. At present, few companies in the world can completely independently produce a complete set of laser equipment, and China is even Some key components of the laser are dependent on imports, which makes it difficult to transform to the high-end market.    In recent years, the overall technological level of laser cutting machines has improved, especially the development of fiber lasers, which has given a new domestic fiber laser cutting machine. Qualitative change, the demand for laser cutting equipment in China is still very large, especially in the high-end market. How to seize this opportunity and transform to the high-end market is a key direction for the development of laser equipment in China.
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