Where is the charm of Wuhan High Energy Laser's fiber laser cutting machine?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-02
The fiber laser cutting machine can better reflect its charm and value for thin plate cutting. Wuhan High Energy Laser's fiber laser cutting machine has great advantages in cutting 3mm metal sheets. Professional CNC software supports the cutting of a variety of complex graphics and text, and is widely used It is used in metal cutting, electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliance manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, tool processing, and many other machinery manufacturing and processing industries. The cutting precision is high, the speed is fast, and the cutting speed can reach 60m/min. The development of sheet metal processing products industry has put forward newer requirements for laser processing of sheet metal. The industry believes that the market capacity of the sheet metal processing industry is very large, but the degree of competition has not diminished at all. The countermeasure is to increase technological development. The charm of Wuhan High Energy Laser's fiber laser cutting machine is reflected in the following points: 1. The laser generator of the fiber laser cutting machine has a short wavelength, which is good for being absorbed by metal materials and has a fast cutting speed. 2. The beam quality of the fiber laser cutting machine is high, which can achieve a smaller spot diameter. Even in the case of a longer working distance and a deeper depth of focus, it can still provide a fast processing speed and greatly reduce workpiece tolerances. 3. The fiber laser has the characteristics of small size, light weight, compact structure, flexible light guide, etc. It is easy to integrate into the motion system, which reduces the complexity of using large cutting platforms. With the rapid development of my country's metal sheet processed products market, the application and research and development of core production technology related to it will surely become the primary focus of industry enterprises. Understanding the research and development direction, process equipment, technology applications and trends of the core technology for the production of metal sheet processed products at home and abroad is crucial for companies to improve the technical specifications of their products and improve their market competitiveness. According to market demand, Wuhan High Energy Laser is continuously increasing the development of fiber laser cutting machines. To meet the needs of our customers, we will launch dual-function fiber laser cutting machines that can cut metal sheets and non-metal sheets. For more information about laser cutting machine models for cutting different metal materials, you can visit the website http://www.gnlaser.com/ to view.
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