Where are the advantages of laser cutting machines in the automotive manufacturing industry

by:Caodahai     2021-09-01
The laser cutting machine is a modern smart metal sheet metal tailor, known as the 'fastest knife' and the most accurate knife in modern cutting metal'. As a modern metal cutting and cutting equipment, the laser cutting machine has its unique cutting advantages. Compared with the traditional plasma cutting, flame cutting and other methods, it has the characteristics of surpassing it. It has a very important mission in the current automobile manufacturing industry. As a pioneering area of u200bu200beconomic development, the automobile manufacturing industry has increased the speed of transportation in our country and improved the quality of life of the people. Therefore, the automobile manufacturing industry is now a key development project in my country. In order to further improve the appearance and performance of automobiles, many large-scale automobile manufacturers have begun to invest in laser cutting machines to change the traditional cutting process and improve the accuracy of the processing technology and production efficiency. In the processing of auto parts, laser processing technology gives full play to its advanced, fast and flexible processing characteristics. A large number of 3D laser cutting machines are used in automotive prototypes and small batch production, which not only saves prototypes and tooling equipment, but also greatly reduces production Preparation cycle. A typical example is the inner lining of the C-pillar of Volkswagen's Golf IV sedan. Apply a carbon dioxide laser and directly install it on the robot arm to cut the outer contour of this 3D-plastic lining part, cut out the ventilation holes and the fixing holes of the safety belt. The laser beam cutting technology used by Volkswagen not only has a fast working speed, but also has a uniform cutting surface quality. It is reported that the German Bavarian Asian Laser Technology Center (BLZ) has developed laser cutting technology for aluminum foam interlayer material (AFS). AFS is a lightweight automotive composite material whose core is made of aluminum metal foam and the outer layer is composed of two very thin aluminum foam materials. Thin covering sheet (piece), light weight, good rigidity, and high strength, can be formed at will. AFS should be laser cut (processed) in a foamed and non-foamed state. It can be seen that the advantages of laser cutting machine application in the automobile manufacturing industry are beyond the reach of all cutting equipment. I believe that our laser cutting machine technology will be more and more widely used in the future mechanical manufacturing field, and it will definitely be brought to China. The bright future of the machining industry will further accelerate my country’s economic development. For more about laser cutting machine application industry, please pay attention to high-energy laser http://www.gnlaser.com/
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