When it comes to laser cut signage, the main idea

by:Caodahai     2020-08-06
When you use this contour tool, what you are doing is drawing a 'key line' that goes around either text or objects in the design. This is different from using an outline. If you use the outline tool on an outlined object, it may look fine on the computer but the resultant output will not be so much. When it is outputted to a machine, it will actually look just like a hairline. There are several advantages to using the contour tool in laser cut signage. For one, your outline will be completely scalable when you are enlarging objects. You will find that your files have welded better and are also trimmed in context with other objects. What will get simplified are sign lines as well as output plotter line. When using the contour tool for the outlining of letters you will first need to change the font to a curved one. Any overlapping texts or serifs will have to be outlined in the drawing you make. A great way to do this would be to convert the font into a curved one, weld all the serifs together and then do the contouring or outlines. CorelDraw will be primary software that you will be using to perform all these functions. Once these outlines have been created your signage will be ready for printing and these can be done and reproduced in a number of ways besides laser cutting. To begin with Signage reproduction is one method. There is also screen printing that can be done on this. Then there is also digital printing. It is important that laser cut signage be done by those who have good working knowledge of the process. You will have to specify in advance if you need particular letters or logos and graphic designs to be laser cut. This will ensure that a good job is done.
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