What parameters need to be paid attention to in laser cutting processing

by:Caodahai     2021-08-31
Before laser cutting processing, the operator will adjust some parameters of the laser cutting machine equipment to make the equipment reach the best working condition. Basically, the operator will debug according to the reference of the cut material and thickness, so as to achieve different cutting effects and cutting processes. What are the parameters that operators often debug? Let's give you a brief introduction. 1. Laser mode What is laser mode? There are two laser modes, one is the laser transverse mode, and the other is the laser longitudinal mode. The laser transverse mode indicates that the laser is the desired distribution law of the optical field. The laser longitudinal mode corresponds to the longitudinal distribution of the laser in the optical cavity. The laser longitudinal mode determines the laser wavelength and laser frequency. Both of these modes will affect the processing effect of the laser cutting machine. 2. Laser output power The laser output power determines the amount of energy absorbed by the surface of the workpiece, and the laser scanning speed determines the continuous laser and laser irradiation time. For pulsed lasers, the laser radiation time is determined by the pulse width and laser scanning speed. Regardless of continuous laser or pulsed laser, the greater the processing power, the higher the energy that the workpiece can absorb, and the higher the temperature the material can reach. The different effects of different laser processing methods can be achieved by controlling the laser power and laser irradiation time. 3. Laser polarization According to our actual operation, when the laser incident angle is small, the reflection and absorption characteristics of the material surface to the laser are less affected by the laser polarization, but when the incident angle is large, the laser polarization The performance has a strong influence on the laser processing process, and the polarization of the laser must be controlled. If necessary, the output laser can be transformed into a certain azimuth, incident angle, and polarization direction to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, or circularly polarized light, so that the effect of the workpiece surface on the laser absorptivity is independent of the azimuth. The above points need to be debugged for your reference. The specific timely operation parameters need to be debugged according to the actual situation of the laser cutting machine. For more information about laser cutting machine products, please visit http://www.gnlaser.com/
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