What must be paid attention to when operating a CNC laser cutting machine?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-05
1. Try to take into account the parts needed to evaluate the comprehensive laser cutting setup and how to purchase each part. With integrated solutions, the process of purchasing and integrating fiber laser systems becomes less complicated. Consider filtering out the cutting parameters that have been determined in advance, and optimizing the system dedicated to cutting, so as to start cutting immediately after turning on the power. 2. The choice of cutting material. At the same time, the thickness of the material to be cut is an important factor in determining when to use a CNC laser cutting machine. Thicker materials require more power to cut. In these cases, laser cutting may not be a good choice. At this time, you can just use the function of installing the fiber laser next to the plasma cutting head. For example, an operator can choose to use plasma to cut the outside of a part, and then use a laser to cut the internal shape. 3. Pay attention to protect your eyes. The wavelength of the light emitted by the laser system is harmful to the eyes, so eye protection measures must be taken. Since this technology has only been available for less than 5 years, it is strongly recommended to conduct comprehensive training on proper system operation and safety. Many operators have no cutting experience using fiber laser cutting, so the lack of experience should be made up by good initial training in operating the fiber cutting system. The above is a detailed introduction to the matters needing attention during the operation of the CNC laser cutting machine. From the perspective of the operator and the CNC laser cutting machine, more attention should be paid to the precautions introduced above. The CNC laser cutting machine has certain skills in operation. Improper operation will affect the machine and the operator to varying degrees. Let's introduce you to the problems that need to be paid attention to when operating the fiber laser cutting machine.
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