What measures need to be taken for laser cutting machines to process high-precision workpieces

by:Caodahai     2021-08-29
Cutting a high-precision workpiece with a laser cutting machine is the effect that many processing plants want to achieve, but many things are not as people want, and the same is true for laser cutting machine processing. There are more burrs, impervious cutting or blurred edges. The finish is not up to the requirements, etc. This is a common occurrence. So how can we avoid these problems? Let's share some experiences with you.   1. When the power of the laser cutting machine is certain, choose a suitable thickness for cutting. The cutting effect of carbon steel below 12mm and stainless steel below 6mm using a metal laser cutting machine is obvious, the quality is good, and the efficiency can be guaranteed. For example, when the material thickness is less than 1mm, the material cut is extremely smooth.   2. Increase the output power of the metal laser cutting machine. The higher the output power of the metal laser cutting machine, the higher the photoelectric conversion efficiency, so that the cutting quality is better on the same thickness of the plate. The higher the fit between the laser cutting mode and the material, the better the cutting quality.   3. The cutting speed of the metal laser cutting machine is consistent with the cutting material. If the cutting speed can be made to match the material well, then the cutting effect at this time is good, too fast and too slow will affect the effect of laser cutting.   4. Choose the most suitable cutting focus. When the focus of laser cutting is set, the precision and accuracy of the cutting can meet the requirements. The laser cutting machine processes high-precision workpieces. In addition to problems with the equipment itself, this also has a lot to do with the operation of the operator. Therefore, Wuhan High Energy Laser recommends that you use a regular laser cutting machine before the operator takes the job. Operation training.
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