What is the working principle of the laser cutting machine?

by:Caodahai     2021-08-25
The laser cutting machine is the most advanced equipment in mechanical processing. It is the first time that laser has been used in the field of mechanical processing, which has brought unprecedented improvements to the development of mechanical processing.  How does the laser cutting machine work? Many people don’t know much about laser cutting machines. Most of them have heard that someone in the industry mentioned it, but they don’t know how the basic working principle is. Let’s explain it in detail.   Laser cutting machine is mainly It is composed of two parts, one is the CNC console and the other is the machine tool. We can input the drawings that need to be processed through the CNC console, and after the calculation, the instructions will be transmitted to the processing machine tool, and the processing machine tool will process the desired sheet metal pattern according to the instruction.  The core part of the machine tool is mainly the laser generator, which is the core of the whole equipment. Why do you say this way? Because it is a secret device for cutting metal. It can convert electrical energy into light energy and release a super strong laser beam, and the laser beam has a lot of energy. By irradiating the surface of the sheet metal, the irradiated surface quickly reaches a high temperature, and the irradiated surface of the workpiece is melted. And evaporate, and realize the purpose of cutting and engraving through the displacement of the cutting head.   There are many types of lasers in general laser cutting machines, and different types of laser cutting machines can be classified according to different materials. Our common lasers use solid materials as the medium, and the representative of them is the solid YAG laser cutting machine. The gas-based laser is represented by a CO2 laser cutting machine. Lasers that use optical fibers as the medium are represented by optical fiber laser cutting machines. The processing effect and processing thickness of these three types are different.   For specific performance comparison and parameter introduction of solid laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine, please refer to: Comparison of performance advantages and disadvantages of three metal laser cutting machines
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