What is the market prospect of laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-25
Nowadays, the market demand for laser cutting machines is increasing, and the industry competition of laser cutting machines is becoming more and more fierce. I believe everyone is more concerned about the prospects of this industry. Today, Wuhan High Energy Laser will analyze the laser for everyone. What is the prospect of cutting machines from time to time?    In China, some automobile manufacturers have introduced laser cutting and laser welding production lines. In the field of defense and military equipment, the demand for high-performance laser cutting machines is also more urgent, such as the surface processing of helicopter propellers. A three-dimensional laser cutting machine is needed, which can improve the efficiency of product trial production and also improve the performance of components.   However, the technology of my country's CNC laser cutting complete equipment is still at a low-to-medium level, and the gap is relatively large compared with foreign products. It is expected that in the next 10 years, my country's market demand for these high-performance laser cutting systems will reach 10 billion yuan. For Chinese enterprises, in order to solve the current market gap, it is necessary to make a breakthrough in the technical level, and further combine the laser with computer numerical control technology, advanced optical system and high-precision and automatic T-piece positioning, and at the same time, improve the laser The speed, accuracy and freedom of the machine can meet the needs of future development. It can be seen from this that the market prospects of laser cutting machines are very broad. In the field of shipbuilding, especially for special purpose boats, laser cutting has also become a necessary processing method. It is expected in the future In 5-10 years, the production demand of this industry will become larger and larger. The arrival of the era of precision shipbuilding indicates that the application of high-power CO2 laser cutting technology and equipment will become more and more extensive.   Such a huge market demand reflects the important applicability of laser processing methods. However, domestic products are limited by technology and have no advantage in the high-end product market. Experts predict that by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the market demand for high-power CNC laser cutting machines in my country will reach 10,000 sets, especially for high-speed and high-precision laser cutting machines, large-format thick plate laser cutting machines, and three-dimensional CNC laser cutting machines. The demand for high-performance laser cutting systems such as non-ferrous metal laser cutting machines for aircraft, aerospace and aviation is increasing day by day.
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