What is the future development trend of laser cutting technology

by:Caodahai     2021-09-03
The application of laser technology in the domestic market has become increasingly obvious, especially in recent years. With the increase in processing accuracy requirements and the increase in raw material prices worldwide, low-consumption, high-efficiency, and high-precision laser equipment has become the focus of attention. The application market of laser cutting machines is gradually expanding. On the one hand, because laser cutting machines have unique advantages, on the other hand, because laser cutting machines conform to market demand, not only high-speed cutting can ensure seamless cutting accuracy, which is worthy of the current situation. High-tech cutting mode, what is the future development direction of laser cutting machine?    First of all, it is the aspect of control. Today's laser cutting machines can achieve autonomous automation, and its development trend is to develop a control system based on simple laser operation. It can be said that laser cutting technology has achieved a unique function in control. The second is the material aspect. The current laser cutting technology includes many types. For the types of materials, lasers can be used for processing. For example, a fiber laser cutter can be used for cutting, and a variety of materials can be processed, and all kinds of metals can be processed.   Then there is the aspect of intelligent robots. From the above description, we can see: The quality and easy operation of the laser cutting machine, and know the existence of intelligence, the future development will be a complete robot, from the beginning to the end to achieve an integrated assembly line working mode, this intelligent The robot is completely responsible for the manual work. It can be said that this is a perfect process in the history of laser cutting machine operation. At present, the use of manipulator + control software for three-dimensional cutting is constantly advancing in this regard. Through the above introduction, everyone should know the future development direction of the laser cutting machine. The laser cutting machine will not only think about the development of high-tech control, but also its accuracy and speed will be newly improved, and it will definitely be able to achieve completeness in the end. The automatic operation of the intelligent robot is just around the corner!
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