What is the development trend of laser technology in my country

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
Laser technology is a high-tech technology, and we can see it in all aspects of national construction. When the country formulates medium and long-term development plans, laser processing is one of the most critical technologies. It can be seen that laser processing is indeed very important in production. So what is the development trend of laser cutting machines? The annual sales of laser processing equipment have been growing at a high speed. It shows that laser processing technology in our country has stepped out of the ivory tower through research and experimental exploration and embarked on the road of practical application. Maintain annual sales growth of about 20%. In the past few years, most of the laser cutting machines sold in China were imported products from abroad, and domestic products accounted for a very small share. With the gradual in-depth understanding and demonstrative adoption of laser cutting technology by users, domestic enterprises have turned to the production of laser cutting machines.  According to the global statistics on the total sales of laser processing systems, laser marking machines are second only to laser cutting machines. In recent years, the sales volume of laser cutting machines has approached, each accounting for about 1/3 of the total. On the contrary in my country, the sales of laser marking machines have always accounted for more than 50% of the domestic laser processing sales, occupying the domestic market in a larger area, and greatly opening up the industrial field of application. It can be said that it is better than foreign The application is much more extensive.   25W-100W class laser processing machine mainly refers to the use of 25W-100W class CO2 laser, plus the X-Y desktop workbench system as the main model, but also the Nd:YAG laser plus galvanometer integrated processing machine. It can carry out engraving including internal engraving, cutting, hollowing, embroidering and cutting.  At the same time, the laser processing technology used in the remanufacturing industry has its irreplaceable advantages and is superior to other processing technologies. Laser processing used in remanufacturing is developed from phase change hardening to laser surface alloying and laser cladding, and from laser alloy coating to composite coating and ceramic coating, making laser surface modification technology a part of remanufacturing. An important means.   The application of laser welding technology in China is rapidly expanding, and its sales are second only to marking and cutting. It is mainly used in industries such as batteries, electrical appliances, instruments, hardware tools, steel, aerospace, and automobiles.
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