What indicators do you need to refer to when buying a fiber laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-09-22
When customers buy fiber laser cutting machines, they are very hesitant and always shop around. However, in the current mixed laser cutting machine market, it is difficult to identify more reliable laser equipment manufacturers, so we have to set an inner reference standard. Wuhan High Energy Laser will give you an analysis and reference.  First of all, the price of fiber laser cutting machine is the most important factor for everyone to consider. As we all know, 'a piece of equipment with a price equal to the price is too low. You must be wary of whether it is second-hand equipment or equipment with poor performance. The fiber laser of the fiber laser cutting machine is divided into domestic and imported ones. The price difference between the two The performance is very large, and the performance gap is very large, so if the price is too low, the performance of the laser equipment must be poor. Wuhan High Energy Laser is a professional manufacturer, and all the purchased parts are directly sold by imported manufacturers. In terms of price, compared with Agents are much cheaper, and the cost is to save customers a lot of unnecessary expenses.   Secondly, the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine is also a factor to be considered. Customers will have a proofing process when purchasing laser equipment. When judging the performance of the equipment is intact, whether it is suitable for their needs. So the customer can judge it intuitively.    Then, the scale of the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer cannot be ignored. The scale of the laser cutting machine manufacturer determines the strength of the laser equipment enterprise Many laser cutting machine manufacturers are contract processing factories, and they do not have their own manufacturing and Ru0026D capabilities. They are imitating or cloning other people’s products. The equipment failures and after-sales resulting from this will definitely occur frequently, so this must be Attention.    Finally, the after-sales service of fiber laser cutting machines must be paid attention to. Laser cutting equipment is the same as people, and it is inevitable that you will 'get sick.' The source of occurrence can fundamentally solve the problem. Therefore, look for a laser equipment manufacturer with a wide range of after-sales and good after-sales service to provide on-site service at any time.    The above is edited and released by the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer. I want to learn more about lasers. Cutting equipment http://www.gnlaser.com/?fproducts can click on the website to view.
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