What can the laser marking system do?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-27
Manufacturers of laser marking systems all use very complex laser marking commercial software to control the movement of the scanning galvanometer to make the laser dot move relative to the workpiece. However, the core of the marking machine is the laser and optical devices, which determine what functions the machine can achieve. These marks are almost infinite combinations, such as characters and graphics, logos, unique alphanumeric or many different bar code designs. There are many uses: tracking, anti-counterfeiting, material, batch or manufacturer identification. The main function of all markings must be machine-readable or visually readable. Other requirements are:   ● During the entire service life, the function of the component will not be affected in any way-for example, it must not be mechanically weakened or corroded;   ● Mark The parts must be intact and undamaged during the service life of the parts;   ● The mark must be beautiful.  The laser marking system is complex and diverse, so the marking process seems very simple, but the laser marking software allows many different methods to generate optimized marks on special surfaces. Provides various scanning speeds, overlapping scanning lines, scanning patterns and laser delays, and different operators may use different methods to generate similar marks. This tells us that laser marking is still a kind of 'magic-although some general rules can be applied, but a large number of laser marking is still based on experience.
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