What are the specifications to pay attention to in the operation of laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-27
Before operating the laser cutting machine, Wuhan High Energy Laser will conduct a certain level of training for customers, but there are some other details that need to be paid attention to, and many people may not know it. Knowing the operating specifications of the laser cutting machine is very important for processing companies. Significantly, this is related to the service life and cutting performance of laser cutting equipment. First of all, what we must understand is the software of the laser cutting machine. The laser cutting machine will have its own operating system, and the operating system needs to install software and password function. Without a password, it cannot run with the software. There are many function buttons for adjusting power, cutting speed, etc. in the software. We need to adjust these parameters according to the actual cutting material to achieve the best cutting performance. Among them, adjusting the power of the equipment can control the depth of the cutting material and determine whether the material can be cut through. Secondly, we need to understand the daily maintenance knowledge of cutting equipment. 1. The water tank needs frequent cleaning and timely replacement of the circulating water. The water quality and temperature will affect the service life of the laser tube. 2. The fan needs to clean the solid dust frequently, reduce the noise generated by the fan, and help to remove the exhaust gas. 3. Insist on cleaning the lens before starting the machine every day, which directly affects the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine. 4. The guide rail needs to be cleaned once every half a month. This is one of the more important core components. In order to ensure the processing accuracy of the cutting equipment and maintain the running balance, this is a detail that must be kept in mind. Finally, after using the laser cutting machine, you must remember to turn off the power and carefully check the safety of each device. This is a very necessary thing for the safety of the operator. Safety is for every enterprise. Responsibilities are heavier than Mount Tai.
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