What are the processes that affect the cutting effect of laser cutting equipment?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-12
From a global perspective, the use of laser cutting equipment has penetrated into many industries, and the sheet metal processing industry is most prominent. At present, many processes have used laser cutting machines or laser welding technology. With the high-end development of the manufacturing industry, the cutting technology of laser cutting machines will also achieve breakthroughs. Especially the laser tube cutting process, which is a relatively complicated process, involves more laser cutting equipment requirements. But it is often encountered in tube processing, so what are the factors that affect the laser tube cutting process? First, Wuhan High Energy Laser will analyze the material and cutting thickness of the composite casing: the inner tube of the composite casing is high-strength steel with a thickness of 2.5mm, and the outer tube is ordinary carbon steel. After process practice and research, the main processes that affect the cutting quality are laser waveform and perforation process. 1 Laser Waveform Cutting ordinary carbon steel of the same thickness, using continuous wave can achieve good cutting quality. However, the inner tube of the composite casing is made of high-strength steel, which has a relatively high hardness. The effect of continuous cutting of the composite casing is not ideal, and the use of high-frequency pulse waves can achieve a good cutting effect. After many process tests, more high-quality pulse frequency and other process parameters have been obtained. 2 Perforation process Laser cutting requires perforation first. After the material to be processed is penetrated, it is cut into a gap of a certain width to complete the perforation process of ordinary carbon steel with the same thickness, which is not suitable for steel pipes. It is easy to produce blastholeu0026rdquo; phenomenon, the hole diameter is too large, and the perforation quality is poor, which affects the quality of pipe cutting. Because the inner tube of the composite casing is made of high-strength steel with greater hardness, it is more difficult to cut. Compared with ordinary carbon steel, high-strength steel under the same thickness has lower thermal penetration effect and higher penetration difficulty, so it is easy to produce blastingu0026rdquo; Phenomenon. After theoretical analysis and experimental research, the use of power slope adjustment function can solve this quality problem. As the application of laser cutting machine equipment becomes more and more extensive, the diversity and versatility of products are more prominent. Only when there is market competition, will there be greater progress and key points such as product quality and performance. However, customer demand is still an important factor considered by laser cutting machine manufacturers. Only by grasping the needs of customers can we occupy the market and occupy the market share. Wuhan High Energy Laser has been committed to the research and development and sales of metal laser cutting machines for 13 years. Continuously undergoing inspections by customers in the sheet metal industry. Production is based on quality and sales are based on reputation. Continuously provide metal laser cutting machine solutions for domestic and overseas enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. For more information about laser cutting machine products, please visit Wuhan Gaoneng Laser's official website: http://www.gnlaser.com/ for information
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