What are the factors related to the price of laser cutting machine

by:Caodahai     2021-08-30
Many customers are very sensitive to prices when they buy laser cutting machines. Many different manufacturers offer different prices for laser cutting machines, and the gap is quite large. What is the reason for the large price gap of laser cutting machines? Below, Wuhan High Energy Laser will reveal the secret to everyone.  The price of laser cutting machine is related to brand factors. A brand determines its position in the industry. Most well-known brands of laser cutting machine manufacturers, under the same configuration, the price is much higher than other peers, including brand value, such as the gold of listed companies Yun, big family, etc.  The price of laser cutting machine is related to configuration factors. The configuration of the laser cutting machine is the main factor that determines its performance. What are the main configurations? Basically, the core lasers, cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails and operating systems of different brands that we all know have different service life and performance, which all determine the price of laser cutting machines. The other is the size of the machine tool. If the machine tool has a large format, the cost will be high, so the price will be different.  The price of laser cutting machine is related to the type factor. Laser cutting machines can be divided into many types. The YAG solid laser cutting machine is cheaper for cutting thin plates, and the high-end ones are fiber laser cutting machines, which are slightly more expensive. The other is the CO2 laser cutting machine for cutting thick plates. Its construction cost and maintenance cost are the highest. Generally, the price of imported equipment is nearly 4 million units.   Therefore, Wuhan High Energy Laser recommends that when consulting the price of a laser cutting machine, customers should first figure out the material they want to cut, as well as the thickness of the material and the size of the format. The customer service staff can recommend the most suitable laser cutting machine to you according to your parameter requirements, and then give you a quote for the laser cutting machine. For information about the core configuration parameters of the laser cutting machine and the brand, please refer to: Which core configuration should be compared when buying a metal laser cutting machine
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