What are the drives of commonly used laser cutting machine drive shafts?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-07
After purchasing a laser cutting machine, many customers do not know much about the structure and composition of the equipment. Wuhan High Energy Laser is a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, let me introduce the drive shaft drive of the laser cutting machine. Generally, there are two types of drive shaft drives for laser cutting machines; bilateral drive and unilateral drive. So what is the difference between these two drivers? Bilateral drive means that two motors are installed on a laser cutting machine to drive the screw drive. However, the unilateral drive value is that the laser cutting machine equipment is equipped with a motor to drive a guide rail drive, which is similar to the concept of the four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive of a car. Is there any difference in performance between bilateral drive and unilateral drive? When the double-drive motor is turned on, it starts quickly, which means that it can make the acceleration reach a large value in a short time. When the unilateral drive motor is turned on, the starting will be very gentle and the acceleration will be slow. In terms of cutting speed, the acceleration of the edge-driven laser cutting machine is much faster than that of the unilateral-driven laser cutting machine, but the synchronization of the two motors must be ensured. Wuhan High Energy Laser specializes in manufacturing laser cutting machine manufacturers, and can customize special laser cutting machines according to customer needs to meet customer requirements. We rigorously and pragmatically provide you with a complete set of equipment solutions based on your production situation, processing needs, product models, and market conditions. It can help you in the true sense, this is the greatest success of our company! This article was compiled and published by Wuhan High Energy Laser, please indicate the source for reprinting http://www.gnlaser.com/
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