What are the advantages of Wuhan High Energy Laser's laser tube cutting machine?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-01
Laser tube cutting machine, also known as 'tube laser cutting machine, is a laser cutting equipment specially used to process various tubular metal materials. Whether it is a square tube or a round tube, it can process the desired effect according to the needs. Nowadays, many The demand for pipes in various industries is particularly large, including container shelves, pipeline engineering, handicrafts, lamps, etc. These industries have very high requirements and efficiency for pipe processing.    Wuhan High Energy Laser is a professional manufacturer of laser cutting machines, and its latest The three-dimensional tube laser cutting machine developed can support various punching, cutting and engraving processes, and can reach high standards in accuracy and cutting speed. Below we will give you an analysis, Wuhan High Energy Laser's tube laser cutting What are the advantages of the machine?   1. Wuhan High Energy Laser's laser tube cutting machine can cut square tubes and round tubes with high precision, and cut off irregular cross-sectional angles.   2. Wuhan High Energy Laser's tube laser cutting machine can be on the supervisor Cut multiple cylindrical intersecting holes with different diameters in different directions. And there is no need to draw by yourself, the software can be directly generated, and the operation is very intelligent and user-friendly.   3. The tube laser cutting machine of Wuhan High Energy Laser can be used in pipes. The cutting and engraving of any pattern can be completed on the top, without being limited by the difficulty of the graphics.   4. Wuhan Gaoneng Laser’s tube laser cutting machine uses a three-dimensional graphics cutting laser system, which is simple and quick to operate, and it is very easy and quick to get started.   5. Wuhan Gaoneng The laser tube laser cutting machine can perform rotating laser drilling on tubes of various shapes, and can be indexed drilling, the smallest aperture is 0.3mm.    6. Wuhan High Energy Laser tube laser cutting machine can be suitable for all kinds of The processing of special-shaped tubes, whether it is round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, flat tubes, etc., can be cut.    At present, in order to improve the manufacturing process of products, many lamp manufacturers have begun to focus on the development of tube laser cutting machines. For specific details, please refer to: The rapid development of the lighting industry in Guzhen is closely related to laser equipment
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