What are the advantages of choosing a domestic laser cutting machine?

by:Caodahai     2021-09-21
Every time a domestically produced thing is mentioned, everyone will make a voice of doubt, and this is no exception for the high-tech laser industry. In fact, domestic laser equipment is not as bad as everyone thinks. Wuhan High Energy Laser has specialized in manufacturing laser cutting machines for fifteen years, has its own research results in laser cutting equipment, and has several years of experience in import and export, and has established itself abroad. A good reputation and reputation. Below we give you an analysis of the advantages of domestic laser cutting machines.   There are not many brands of imported laser cutting machines in the current domestic market, so their share is not very large. Imported laser cutting machines use new technology and high-end spare parts. Therefore, the price is very expensive, and ordinary small companies will consider it again and again when buying, so only some powerful large companies will start with imported laser cutting machines.   Another aspect of the imported laser cutting machine is the after-sales problem. Because many technologies and spare parts are foreign, it is very troublesome to maintain and repair. This is also the concern of many people buying imported laser cutting machines. Compared with domestic laser cutting machines, many technologies are imported from abroad, and some important parts are imported, but the price is much lower than the cost of imported laser cutting. Compared with imported equipment, it has absolute cost-effectiveness. For after-sales, laser cutting machine manufacturers have their own after-sales teams, and they are all on-site services, which saves customers a lot of trouble. From the above analysis, we can see that the domestic laser cutting machine is cheap and has a low threshold. General small processing companies have the strength to purchase and have great advantages in after-sales service. Therefore, Wuhan High Energy Laser recommends that customers budget Under relatively low conditions, domestic laser cutting machines are also a good choice.
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