Vietnam's laser printer sales have increased significantly

by:Caodahai     2021-09-22
Recently, according to surveys, sales of printers in Vietnam have soared. Compared with the previous quarter, there was a 32.2% increase in the fourth quarter of 2012. IDC said, “The main reason is that the shipment of laser printers increased by 45% compared to the previous quarter. The use of laser printers in Vietnam is estimated to reach 77%. In the same quarter, the inkjet printer market only accounted for 2%. Growth.    Government departments, banks, and private companies have all increased their purchases, which is the reason for the surge in printer sales.   At the same time, compared with the previous quarter, the sales volume of multifunction printers has increased by 43%. They think this is because This is caused by the sharp price cuts. More OEM sales channels and specialty stores are actively attracting potential customers. Some computer equipment stores have also begun to sell printers, which has spurred market competition.    IDC said that home users generally choose inkjet printers, while offices Users will choose laser printers. Market analyst Tu Dang said: “As long as the printing cost is cheap enough, any type of print quality is acceptable. This is why office users choose laser printers.   Despite the sharp increase in sales in the fourth quarter, this does not mean that the market situation in 2012 is optimistic. Vietnam’s economy is expected to enter a weak state in 2013, but the outlook for office equipment demand is still optimistic. IDC said that the printer market will grow by 14.9%, laser printers will grow by 17.7%, and inkjet printers will grow by 7%. (The above laser cutting machine is edited and organized from the Internet, see www.gnlaser.com for details)
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