Vicious competition hinders the normal development of the laser equipment industry

by:Caodahai     2021-09-06
The laser equipment industry is a modern high-tech field with a very wide range of applications. Laser medical equipment, laser cutting machinery, military laser weapons, laser measurement, etc. are all used very much. With the continuous development of the industry, the vicious competition among peers is very fierce, which has brought serious consequences to the laser equipment industry and hindered the normal development of the laser equipment industry. There are many factors that cause vicious competition in the laser equipment industry. Therefore, dealing with vicious competition in the laser equipment industry is also multifaceted. There are physical and mechanism levels, system and policy levels, and enterprise and product levels. The important method is to play the coordinating role of the laser industry association.   Where are the hazards of vicious competition in the laser equipment industry?  The common vicious competition method in the laser equipment industry is to provide products or services at prices far lower than the industry average price or even lower than the cost, and use non-commercial methods to gain market share.   The harm of vicious competition is reflected in:    1. Disrupt the normal price order of the laser equipment market, which is not conducive to the optimal allocation of social resources.  2. In the long run, it has harmed the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.   3. Hinder the development and technological progress of the laser industry.  4. Caused the loss of state-owned assets, and the country's tax revenue was drastically reduced.   5. The market competition mechanism of the laser equipment industry has failed. As far as the current situation is concerned, because the reform of the operating system of laser equipment companies is still in progress, it is far from being in place, whether it is low-price dumping by large companies to monopolize the market, or price wars conducted by small and medium-sized enterprises for survival, if Allowing it to develop will inevitably lead to the lagging development of the industry, which will eventually be eliminated.
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