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by:Caodahai     2020-03-26
The US medical device company has sent a letter to the US government requesting the suspension or partial or full withdrawal of Indian benefits under the universal preferential system (GSP)
\"Given its failure to provide fair and reasonable access to the medical device market \".
GSP allows developing countries to pay tariffs
Some products can enter the United States for free.
The companies cited recent price controls on the stent and knee implants as examples of discrimination against us equipment companies.
Representative of trade in the United States (USTR)
Advamed, an industry lobbying organization (
Association of Advanced Medical Technology)
It is a trade association that represents nearly 350 medical technology companies, including Abbott, Boston Science and Medtronic, the largest bracket manufacturer.
During the annual GSP product and national practice review process, Advamed attended the meeting on behalf of USTR.
3,500 product lines are eligible for tariff benefits under GSP
Enter the American market freely.
These products include engineering products such as mechanical and electrical equipment, tools, agricultural tools, organic and inorganic chemicals, plastics and copper.
India regulates drug price control orders for drug and device prices, which discriminate against drugs and devices developed and produced in India. The Ministry of medicine and drug also shoulders the mission of promoting the growth of the domestic drug and device industry and reducing imports, the statement supports its allegations of discrimination in entering the Indian market.
Advamed claimed that the upper price limit of the NPPA bracket \"seriously damaged the imported bracket \".
Regarding the price control of knee implants after the upper price limit of the stent, the association expressed concern that the price control might be extended to other medical devices.
AdvaMed said that it was recently learned that the NPPA had calculated the highest price for many other medical devices, just waiting for the prime minister\'s order.
\"If the price control extends to all US medical device exports other than capital equipment and in vitro diagnostics (
Because neither of these categories is mentioned as a candidate for price control)
\"US exports of more than $0. 7 billion may be adversely affected,\" the company added . \".
Interestingly, Advamed claimed that the order to limit the price of knee implants was \"despite repeated assurances from GOI officials that they would not extend the price control beyond the brackets \".
The national drug price administration has restricted the price of the stent and knee implants, after research by the agency showed that huge trade profits were used to push hospitals and doctors to use the equipment at an excessive price.
Avamed is concerned that other countries may try similar price controls.
Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan are reportedly considering India
Type price control.
What is even more disturbing is that China recently issued a national pricing policy that explicitly requires manufacturers to report prices in India . \"
Medical Device Industry Association of India (AIMED)
Against Advamed, the U. S. Has adopted policies in favor of its own companies.
\"According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the United States has technical barriers to trade, and there are almost no such barriers.
American equipment companies exist in India.
Indian manufacturers are banned from selling to the US government
As India is not included in the US trade agreement act, funded medical programs and defense.
Because of the \"buy American goods\" policy in the United States, we are also discriminated against.
There is no such government support from Indian domestic manufacturers.
These lobbying forces only care about entering the Indian market.
Most of them are just imports.
\"Few people are made in India,\" said Rajiv Nath of AIMED . \".
He added that the representative of Advamed indicated the true nature of the foreign equipment companies that are members of the Indian Federation of Industries (CII)
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
But not interested in India\'s welfare and industry.
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