US Army NET-T New Battlefield Wireless Routing System

by:Caodahai     2021-09-23
Battlefield communications will be further improved in the near future, and wireless applications will also have greater lethality. Recently, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. Air Force has just completed the test of a special 'fighter'. The special feature of this fighter is that it integrates a battlefield wireless routing system, and this system can make this aircraft and ground forces and other Developed better coordinated communications between the jet fighters, and then launched more precise air strikes. NET-T New Battlefield Wireless Routing System The new battlefield wireless routing system uses a network technology called NET-Tu0026rdquo;, which is based on the Northrop Grumman (Northrop Grumman) company’s LITENING targeting pod And Lockheed-Sniper advanced targeting pod software system upgrades, and these two pod systems are widely installed in the US military’s F-15E Strike Eagleu0026rdquo;fighter bomber, F-16 Fighting Falconu0026rdquo; fighter, A-10 Thunderbolt II, B-52 bomber, AV-8B Harrier fighter, F/A-18 Hornet fighter attack aircraft and EA-6B Prowler' carrier-based electronic jammer. The upgraded aiming pod system will use advanced image processing technology for target recognition and coordinate generation. The sensors on it include a 640u0026times;512 pixel forward looking infrared (FLIR) sensor, a CCD TV camera, and a laser point tracker / Rangefinder, an infrared laser marker and an infrared laser pointer.  The new battlefield wireless router system can assist fighter pilots to identify, capture, track and identify ground targets, and realize the precise delivery of ordinary ammunition and precision guided munitions. The new system contributes to more precise air strikes. According to Lockheed, through the Net-T upgrade to the battlefield wireless router system, the crew and ground personnel can quickly detect and identify threats from outside, and accelerate the execution of damage to enemy air defenses. The tactical mission of firepower, and the aiming pod after the Net-T upgrade can also be used as a data relay station.   Net-T project test engineer Colonel Joseph Rojas said that although we have just tested the Net-T upgrade and this technology has not yet been deployed in the Air Force, it will have a significant impact on the improvement of combat effectiveness in the future. u0026rdquo;   When ground forces need close air support firepower, the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) on the ground can deploy air firepower through the new battlefield wireless router system to strike and prevent friendly injuries. Imagine that JTACs equipped with an iPad mini-sized remotely operated video enhancement receiver u0026mdash;u0026mdash;ROVER 5 battlefield tablet computers can use the new battlefield wireless router system to have a view of the targeting pod and launch an attack.   But there are still some functions of the system that need to be perfected. For example, JTACs can only talk to the pilots through Net-T, but cannot directly talk to the combat personnel on the front line. This is an urgent solution. However, through Net-T, combat troops can use the targeting pod as an all-in-one wireless router in the air, and carry out effective wartime communication and coordination, which is very meaningful. (The above has been edited and compiled from the Internet for the fiber laser cutting machine, see www.gnlaser.com for details)
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