Troubleshooting methods for fiber laser cutting machine errors

by:Caodahai     2021-08-17
Nowadays, many mechanical processing industries have begun to use fiber laser cutting machines, but occasionally there will be some errors in the process of use, resulting in the workpiece must undergo secondary processing, and more serious will cause the workpiece to be scrapped. This is what all fiber laser cutting machines will appear. The error can be avoided. In order to reduce the loss, we need to check the error of the equipment before use. Next, Wuhan High Energy Laser will introduce you to the specific operation.   Fiber laser cutting machine generally produces errors when cutting materials, then we must find the cause of the error from multiple aspects, and then solve the error based on this reason.   Next, let’s introduce the troubleshooting of the console.    1. There is a problem with the signal line of the fiber laser cutting machine, if the signal line is abnormal. We need to eliminate and replace in time.   2. The grounding between the fiber laser cutting machine and the computer is defective. If this happens, we must carefully check the grounding condition between the cutting machine and the computer, and troubleshoot the problem in time.   3. A hardware failure occurred during the computer's operation. At this time, we must repair and check the computer in time, and if the situation is serious, we must immediately replace the computer with a new one.   4. The computer's operating system has a problem or is infected with a computer virus. In this case, we must reinstall the computer system or perform a comprehensive anti-virus on the computer in time. The above is only one of the factors that cause the error of the fiber laser cutting machine. Specifically, it may be the stability of the machine tool and the problem of the laser. All these small problems may cause accuracy errors, so we must pay more attention to fiber laser cutting. For the maintenance of the machine, please refer to: How to maintain the various parts of the fiber laser cutting machine
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