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by:Caodahai     2020-08-16
1. The Mechanical Technique The Mechanical cut car keys are of course the more traditional version and with which almost everybody including non-car owners are familiar with. You must have seen car keys that have a cut pattern only along one edge that allowed the driver to insert it into the ignition in only one way. These types of keys are made with the help of a key cutting machine. If you have ever seen a locksmith make a new key to replace the one you lost; then you would have seen this type of key being made. Mechanical Technique is still prevalent in a lot of domestic car models of GM, Chevrolet and Ford. 2. The Laser Cut Technique Laser cut car keys are considered as a safer bet for the modern cars. Although a lot of people tend to think otherwise and still consider the mechanical ones better. Whenever a new model is introduced you are bound to find the key made form laser cut technique and not the mechanical one. Both sides of laser keys can be seen to have similar cut pattern along both edges. This does provide convenience to the driver where he or she need not be conscious and check which side is being entered into the ignition. The manufacturing of laser keys is a much more complicated and sophisticated procedure. It requires advanced software and hardware. The machines that make these cost a fortune and require specialized training for operation. This is why when you lose a laser key; it is advisable to call up your dealer who will arrange for special locksmiths to duplicate your key. Unqualified locksmiths can inflict damage to your car lock system. Laser keys are considered a safer bet because it is not so easy to pick their locks when compared to that of the mechanically cut keys. There are other popular key made for either of the two technologies such as the transponder keys that has a computer chip to prevent fraud which will start your car and open the car door without you having to touch the door or the ignition, VATS keys which is a mechanical type but designed for better security and the valet keys which allow a person to start the car but not open the trunk or glove boxes.
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