The use of nozzles of laser cutting machine parts

by:Caodahai     2021-08-23
The nozzle is mainly used in the part of the laser cutting machine, and the use of the nozzle will have a great influence on the laser beam. So in order to avoid the influence of nozzles at work, we should learn a little about nozzles. The effect of the nozzle on laser cutting: The size of the nozzle only allows the beam to pass. In order to avoid direct contact between the laser beam and the nozzle in the hole, it is obvious that the inner diameter of the nozzle is reduced. The more difficult the beam collimation, the auxiliary gas ejected from the nozzle must be Remove the melted product in the kerf and strengthen the cutting action to effectively couple. Influence of nozzle diameter: Under the influence of laser power and auxiliary gas pressure, there is a limit value that can obtain a better nozzle diameter with a larger cutting speed. Regardless of whether it is oxygen or argon, as an auxiliary gas, the test of the laser cutting machine for cutting hard steel-bonded carbide has proved that its better nozzle diameter is similar to the above results. The size of the nozzle orifice will directly affect the pressure distribution at the nozzle outlet. Research results show that the 1.5mm diameter nozzle is more efficient. In addition, the size also affects the quality. This mainly refers to the size of the heat-affected zone and the width of the cutting. As the nozzle diameter increases, the heat-affected zone will become narrower. The main reason is that the jet stream cools the base material in the cutting zone and the nozzle assembly As a result, the slit is too wide, and the nozzle is too small, which will cause collimation difficulties, which will induce the beam to be cut by the small nozzle opening. Secondly, the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece will also affect the coupling of the nozzle airflow and the workpiece slit. This is an aerodynamic problem. The form of the discharged airflow and the nozzle and the workpiece will be important variables. If the nozzle is too close to the workpiece, strong back pressure will be generated, which will disperse the cutting material, and too far will cause unnecessary losses.
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