The use method and principle of painless laser blood sampling instrument

by:Caodahai     2021-09-04
What is a laser blood sampling device? The laser blood sampling device is an instrument that uses laser light to penetrate the skin to collect blood. The use of laser blood collection is a non-contact blood collection method, which can avoid patient tension and pain, and more importantly, can avoid cross-infection caused by blood collection. To prevent infection of AIDS, hepatitis and other infectious diseases, the application of laser blood sampling instrument to blood sampling has important practical significance.   Working principle: The laser transmitter in the instrument emits a single pulse laser with a wavelength of 2940nm. With the cooperation of the lens (disposable), the tiny light beam hits the bursa of the finger of the blood collector, the instantaneous temperature can reach 1000°C, and the action time is very short (not more than four ten thousandths of a second), making the skin epidermis The tissue dissolves and volatilizes, and a small hole of 0.3mm appears, and the residue after the hole shows a plasma state, which is adsorbed on the surface of the lens. Laser painless blood collection is a revolutionary breakthrough in the peripheral collection method in medical clinical testing, and it has been widely used in clinical testing in European and American countries.  The shortcomings of blood sampling needles and the advantages of laser blood sampling equipment: 1. The rough surface of blood sampling needles causes skin tissue tearing, which makes the patient feel extremely painful, while laser blood sampling equipment is the instantaneous effect of light.  2. When blood is collected by a lancet, the tissue fluid and extracellular fluid in the epidermis are easily exuded, which affects the quality of the blood sample. When the laser blood sampling instrument collects blood, the hole wall forms a gel state, which can prevent the penetration of tissue fluid and extracellular fluid.   3. Direct contact between the device and the human body will inevitably cause cross-infection. The laser blood sampling device is completely physically separated from the human body.  4. When the blood is collected by the lancet, the tissue tears and the epidermal tissue appears localized water. (The above is edited and compiled by the laser cutting machine from the Internet, see www.gnlaser.com for details)
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