The U.S. Navy will be equipped with laser weapons two years later to fight missiles and fighters

by:Caodahai     2021-09-23
According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Navy will equip its ships with the first generation of unidirectional energy' laser weapons in two years.   This weapon can track and shoot targets that threaten ships, including armed drones, small ships, and incoming missiles and fighters.   According to Major General Matthew Cullender, head of the U.S. Naval Research Office, a series of successful tests in recent months have halved the expected time for the Navy to equip ships with laser weapons. The United States has accelerated the development of high-energy laser weapons. The Boeing Company of the United States announced that it has successfully conducted the 12th target test of the airborne tactical laser countermeasure system. It is said that this chemical laser system with a power of 20 kilowatts detects and locks on a high-speed target drone at a distance of 10 kilometers, irradiates it continuously for 4 seconds and destroys it, and can engage the next target again after 2 seconds. Foreign media commented on this and pointed out that the application of high-energy laser countermeasure systems with high-speed, precision and concealment characteristics at the same time in the informationized battlefield will reveal a new landscape.  Precision strike, time is almost zero    In October 2008, the U.S. Army and Boeing formally signed a high-energy laser technology demonstrator project contract, marking that the U.S. military has officially confirmed the operational potential of high-energy laser weapons in the 21st century. At present, lasers are often used to guide precision-guided weapons to destroy battlefield targets. If the laser energy as a weapon system is large enough, it can directly disable the target without using traditional ammunition. This is the magic of high-energy laser weapon systems. Place.   Compared with traditional guns, missiles, etc., high-energy laser weapons can destroy targets faster, with higher accuracy, and more concealment, and can be widely used in multi-dimensional combat spaces such as ground, sky, ocean, and space. Foreign military research has shown that defensive high-energy laser weapons can destroy rockets, barrel shells and mortar shells in flight, and can even be used directly against aircraft, surface ships, various vehicles or ballistic missiles, etc.; and attack The high-energy laser weapon system can carry out air combat support and even strategic raids in outer space, so it will have a profound impact on joint operations in future wars. (The above is edited by fiber laser cutting machine, see http://www.gnlaser.com/?fproducts for details)
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