The truth about lasers forming a 'dead planet' in the atmosphere

by:Caodahai     2021-09-28
It looks a lot like the deadly weapon used by the dark warrior Darth Vader in 'Star Wars' u0026mdash;u0026mdash;Death Planetu0026rdquo;, which can form an artificial planetu0026rdquo;. However, it is not controlled by the Imperial Stormtroopers. In fact, this space laser is used to help astronomers tune a huge telescope in the Chilean desert.  This space telescope is called Parla. It can create an artificial planet 90 kilometers away from the atmosphere, and interact with the 10-kilometer-thick layer of sodium produced by the meteorite colliding with the earth at this height. The telescope is tuned' to make the sodium atom layer emit light and produce a bright light source as an artificial planet. European Space Agency engineers use this as a reference to monitor atmospheric turbulence within the observation range of the telescope.  The huge mirror in the telescope can change the appearance, so as to better focus the image of the telescope and move it. The researchers pointed out that this new laser is more flexible and reliable than previous lasers.   Domenico Kalia of the European Southern Observatory, which runs the Parla telescope, said: When we started designing this laser, everyone thought that our task was impossible, even some experts. u0026rdquo;  The research team said that the Parla telescope uses 7 watts of power and is very stable in operation. During the debugging and demonstration process, the researchers used the system to monitor the dwarf planet Haumea and its satellites, as well as the radio galaxy Centaurus A. (The above is edited and reproduced on the Internet by the metal laser cutting machine. Please indicate the source!)
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