The status quo and development trend of foreign numerical control laser cutting technology

by:Caodahai     2021-09-10
At present, the internationally representative laser cutting machine equipment manufacturers include: TRUMPF of Germany, BYSTRONIC of Switzerland, PRIMA of Italy, WHITNEY of the United States and TANAKA of Japan. These internationally well-known companies have successively developed high-power, large-format, high-speed, flying optical, three-dimensional, CNC automatic laser cutting machines, and new models are launched every year. With the gradual popularity of laser cutting machines, the market requires further improvement of cutting efficiency (high-speed cutting), reduction of standby time (automatic loading and unloading systems), expansion of application areas (development of three-dimensional cutting, thick plates, and high-reflective materials), and reducing operation Cost (reducing power consumption), etc. The development trends of foreign laser cutting technology are:    1. High speed is in the operating speed of the equipment. At present, many companies are competing to develop high-speed and high-precision cutting machines to replace mechanical punching machines, such as BYSPEED models launched by Swiss Bystronic Laser Co., Ltd. The cutting speed can reach 40m/min, the acceleration is 3g, it can cut 20mm stainless steel, 12mm aluminum alloy and 6mm copper, etc. Its power consumption is only 60kW, and the effective utilization rate of the machine can reach 95%. The punch is quite. The SYNCRONO machine tool launched by Prima Industries adopts a distinctive new design concept. For the first time, the concept of parallel machine tool is introduced in the laser cutting design, and the two machine tools are combined into one: one has a very high A small cutting machine tool (cutting head) with dynamic performance and extremely light weight and a large traditional machine tool that is responsible for moving in a large processing range, between the two through the CNC to achieve perfect synchronous movement and better processing efficiency optimization. Due to the extremely light weight of the cutting head, it can achieve very high dynamic performance. At the same time, the machine tool adopts a special dynamic balance design and a specially optimized drive control algorithm to make it move smoothly at high speed and completely avoid vibration. . The result of this design makes the SYNCRONO machine tool achieve an unimaginable T efficiency. The acceleration during cutting can reach 6g, and it can cut 1000 holes in one minute, which is almost more than the fast cutting machine on the market. Twice as fast. At the same time, its operating cost is far lower than its rivals. In fact, SYNCRONO is creating a new era of laser cutting.  2. Multi-degree-of-freedom   laser cutting machines are widely used in the processing of complex curved surfaces and workpieces, such as laser cutting robots, 2.5D laser cutting machines specially used for pipe cutting, 3D fiber transmission laser cutting machines, etc.   The previous 3D laser cutting machine can only cut automotive interior parts and cannot process metal stamping parts. Prima Industries creatively integrates capacitive sensors into the 3D laser cutting equipment, so that the machine tool can automatically adapt to the errors caused by the elastic deformation of the stamping parts, so that the 3D laser cutting technology has truly become a precise and flexible way of car body processing. Processing methods are widely used in manufacturing fields such as automobiles, aerospace industries, engineering machinery, molds, fitness equipment, and sheet metal processing. 3. Large-format large-thick plates    At present, the concept of precision shipbuilding has emerged internationally. Shipbuilding in the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other regions generally uses high-power laser cutting technology. At present, mainstream large-format laser cutting machines in foreign countries generally adopt an airborne laser structure, with a processing format of 3mu0026times;25m, and a cutting board thickness of 40mm, which is increasingly used in ships, naval vessels and other industries. 4. Intelligence further combines the laser with computer numerical control technology, advanced optical system and high-precision and automatic T-piece positioning, and integrates automatic nesting, cutting process database, remote diagnosis, and remote control, and integrates the function of laser cutting The parts are combined with other processing methods to make a multi-function processing machine such as laser punching machine, which is more in line with the complex processing and efficient needs of the factory. It combines the versatility of laser cutting and the high-speed and high-efficiency characteristics of other processing forms, and can complete the cutting at the same time , Punching, marking, scribing, forming, etc. (The above has been edited and organized by the metal laser cutting machine, see http://www.gnlaser.com/?fproducts for details)
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