The relationship between laser and Maya information storage

by:Caodahai     2021-08-31
According to the legend, the crystal skull hides the secret information of human origin and death, which can help humans solve the mystery of life in the universe. If this is true, how will it tell people these secrets? Will it really speak one day? Scientists will certainly not believe it. They believe that if the legend is true, then the crystal skull may be an information storage for storing secret information, in layman's terms, a hard disk.   Scientists have done such an experiment. They use crystal as a storage medium for information, write some information into it with a laser, and restore it with instructions after a period of time. The data inside is intact. Experiments have proved that if someone wrote data into the crystal skull thousands of years or tens of thousands of years ago, it can still be preserved to this day.  If the crystal skull is really a memory of information, how did the ancient Mayans store information thousands of years ago? Have they already mastered science and technology that modern people have not yet mastered? How should people extract the information? Scientists can't do anything about it.   However, the ancient Mayans gave us more confusion than this. Scientists have discovered that when a beam of light shines on the skull, the combination of the prism hidden in the base and the hand-polished lens in the eye socket can produce a series of optical changes. The dazzling light beam it emits is hypnotic. Such magical powers can cause hallucinations, auditory hallucinations and other phenomena. Mr. Frank Dorland, a crystal expert who has studied crystal skulls for 6 years, said that when he was with crystal skulls, he could hear a very quiet and noticeable, like from a high-pitched clock. You can also see images of mountains and temples from the crystal skull. Even after stroking the crystal skull, some people discovered that their disease was cured miraculously, and all kinds of magical phenomena are really incomprehensible. Modern optics came into being in the 17th century, and it was impossible for the ancient Maya to use it.  All the mysteries concentrated on the crystal skull are incredible, so some people who advocate mysticism simply attribute it to a masterpiece of aliens. And when they were about to leave, they gave the crystal skull as a gift to the Mayans. After that, the Mayans kept it in the pyramid until they were discovered by Anna. For this statement, scientists have no way to verify, perhaps it is really a masterpiece of aliens.
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