The principle of fiber laser disordered texturing

by:Caodahai     2021-09-12
Fiber laser random texturing technology is a new generation in the world, and it is also an advanced laser texturing technology. The principle is to use the control signal generated by the disordered signal generator, the pitch of the texturing points is also completely random, and the arrangement of the dot matrix is u200bu200balso completely random, so the surface of the roll is disorderly pockmarked. The composition of fiber laser random texturing equipment: CNC roll machine tool, N[1] fiber pulse laser, chiller, N group of disordered signal generators, N group of laser processing heads, roll diameter measuring device, N-1 group of lasers Head position adjustment device, etc. The characteristics of fiber laser random texturing    fiber laser random texturing technology, the surface structure of the texturing board is disordered pitted surface. The deep drawability and elongation of the board are better than the textured board produced by EDM technology. Fiber laser random texturing roll, the height of the formed boss is 2-25u0026mu;m, the diameter of the small dot is 75u0026mu;m, the depth of the pit is also 2-20u0026mu;m, and the surface roughness of the roll can reach 0.5- 15u0026mu;m. The roughness Ra value has a small correlation with the number of peaks per cm Rpc value. Rpc can reach 40-120  each texturing pointu0026rdquo; has a boss, and in the process of metallurgical melting and solidification, it is protected by CO2 gas, and because the laser heating and cooling are very fast, the generated boss changes hard. Since the transfer rate of the boss is generally 80%, the amount of steel passing through the roll is greatly increased.   Fiber laser has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and good beam quality. The equipment adopts imported fiber laser, which is characterized by a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 28%, which is 8-10 times that of a lamp-pumped YAG laser, and can be continuous/adjustable, with a modulation frequency of 100KHz. The beam quality is good, and the M2 value is less than 1.1. It can process fine-looking and small-sized texturing dots. The laser runs continuously for a long time and is stable, and the average failure rate of the laser pump source reaches 100,000 hours, which meets the working requirements of the production line. Therefore, fiber laser random texturing has the advantages of small size, long life, maintenance-free, and low operating cost of the laser. The equipment adopts a CNC roll machine tool as the basic operating body for fiber laser random texturing, ensuring that the roll is stable and reliable during the laser texturing process, making the laser texturing process high in precision, uniformity, and repeatability. The advantages.  Texturing process can be set according to requirements. Various processing parameters can be adjusted for steel plates with different morphology requirements, such as laser power, axial linear density, circumferential frequency segmentation, side blowing type, side blowing angle and flow rate, etc., to texture the corresponding morphology Roll. easy to use. The numerical control system can store a large number of texturing programs, and can set up different axial linear densities, select circumferential frequency sections, and laser power to establish a laser texturing process database according to the different roughness and spindle speed requirements of the rolls. The operator only needs to call up the corresponding application program according to the requirements of roughness, set the start and end parameters, adjust the laser power to the corresponding parameters, press the start button, the equipment automatically detects the roll diameter, and automatically performs texturing and processing. After finishing, the texturing head automatically returns to the zero position. It can be called a one-key operation. (The above is edited and compiled by the stainless steel laser cutting machine from the Internet, please explain the source again for reprinting!)
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