The market of fiber laser cutting machine depends on the degree of core technology

by:Caodahai     2021-09-13
Nowadays, the domestic market of fiber laser cutting machine is slowly opening up, and the domestic core technology is gradually mature, and many machining companies are paying more and more attention to it. As a professional manufacturer of laser cutting machines, Wuhan High Energy Laser has the following analysis on the market of fiber laser cutting machines: First of all, laser cutting machine manufacturers must locate their market well. Many laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market mainly focus on low-power fiber laser cutting machines, mainly for the processing of some thin-plate machinery, which can basically meet the needs of most mechanical processing enterprises. For those enterprises that manufacture heavy industrial machinery, low-power fiber laser cutting machines cannot meet the demand. However, there are only a handful of domestic manufacturers that can produce high-power fiber laser cutting machines. This is mainly because the domestic fiber laser technology is still relatively backward, and the performance of laser equipment manufactured is not very stable. Therefore, many laser cutting machine manufacturers give up large Power of business. In the final analysis, these are all technical issues. The low-power fiber laser cutting machine market is now very competitive. For better sustainable development, we must break through the technical problems of fiber laser and move forward to high-power fiber laser cutting machines. Wuhan High Energy Laser is the most professional laser cutting machine manufacturer in China. It has many years of research experience in fiber laser technology. The change from the initial 500W fiber laser cutting machine to the current 1000W is sufficient to prove the company's strength. For a long time, Wuhan High Energy Laser has taken the development of science and technology as its own responsibility, in order to be able to create equipment that meets the needs of the market, in order to be able to improve its own market value, has been making unremitting efforts. For more information about fiber laser cutting machine, please follow http://www.gnlaser.com/
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