The main benefits of laser drilling

by:Caodahai     2021-09-25
The main benefits of laser cutting machine drilling are:   ● Non-contact process (no fixture wear, small material deformation)   ● High accuracy and good consistency ● Accurate control of heat generation ● Ability to drill small holes with high aspect ratios ● Easy to program and suitable Automation ● Fast setup, fewer fixtures, can increase production speed ● Flexibility in sample conversion and small batch production ● Extensive (the same tool can be used for laser welding and laser cutting)    ● It is easy to combine beams (including narrow angles) (Upper drilling and special-shaped drilling)    ● Some laser systems can simultaneously drill holes of different shapes ● Suitable for multi-material processing pulse Nd: YAG lasers. And graphite composite drilling. These lasers generate discrete pulses with controllable energy, peak power, and local shape for drilling. It is by controlling these pulse parameters that the pulsed YAG laser becomes a comprehensive drilling system. The key to drilling with pulsed YAG lasers is peak power. Even pulsed YAG lasers with low average power can produce high-quality holes, because the interaction with the material depends on the peak power and pulse energy, and the average power. It doesn't matter much.
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