The 'Laser Snake' project received £6 million funding from the British government

by:Caodahai     2021-08-20
According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, the Bristol Robotics Company’s laser snakeu0026rdquo; project received 6 million pounds (9.1 million US dollars) project funding from the British government.   The large-scale robot developed by this project has a laser cutting tool connected to its arm, which can operate in dangerous environments and small spaces. Bristol Robotics said it can be used in nuclear decommissioning work such as dismantling ships, supporting structures and pipeline engineering.   This grant is part of the 31 million pounds (47 million US dollars) funds used by the British government to upgrade nuclear technology. The British Technical Strategy Committee provided funds to transfer the laser snake project from the initial successful feasibility study to the development. This new grant will help it develop the technology at the full-scale demonstration stage.   It is reported that the technology also has the potential to be used in other fields, including military and construction industries. (Laser cutting machine product center editor)
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