The key technology of high-power all-fiber laser and why it lags behind the international

by:Caodahai     2021-09-09
After the beginning of the new century, the rapid development of high-power fiber lasers is exciting. It has not only written a new chapter in the development of laser technology, injected new vitality into the development of the laser industry, but also opened up a new era of laser applications. Worldwide, the technical solutions of fiber lasers have shown a clear trend of all-fiber structure. This kind of all-fiber laser whose light path is all composed of fiber and fiber components, from the generation of the laser to the transmission of the laser, is all in the soft fiber. Proceeded, thus showing many significant advantages.   All-fiber lasers are the best way for fiber lasers to be practical and industrialized, and are currently the only technical solution that has entered commercialization and industrialization. The development of all-fiber lasers involves five key technologies including double-clad fiber, cladding pump coupling, fiber grating, high-power multi-mode pumped semiconductor lasers, and fiber lasers. Among these five key technologies, there are four key technologies and optical fibers. Technology is closely related.
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