The growth of the hardware manufacturing industry increases the demand for laser cutting equipment

by:Caodahai     2021-08-19
Chongqing Dazu County actively develops the innovation and upgrade of the hardware industry, and strives to promote the upgrading of construction hardware, bathroom hardware, daily hardware, and hardware tools, and has developed more than 500 new hardware products in three years. The upgrade of the hardware industry has also driven related industries, such as laser cutting machines, digital punching...especially laser cutting machines, which are suitable for multi-variety, multi-style, and small-batch production operations. They are the new favorites of the hardware manufacturing and sheet metal processing industries. At the same time, research and development institutions supported by high-tech research units such as Chongqing Optical Machinery Research Institute and domestic laser manufacturing companies have become increasingly close. A large number of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers, mainly Wuhan High Energy Laser, have also seized this opportunity. Expand the Chongqing market.   One is to improve innovation ability. In the past three years, more than 500 new hardware products have been developed and 14 products have been listed in the 'Chongqing Key New Product Plan; 56 new registered trademarks, 4 'Chongqing Famous Trademarks' and 3 'Chongqing Famous Brand Products' have been added; 177 national patents are authorized.    The second is to improve product quality. In-depth cooperation with Chongqing University, the Institute of Optics and Machinery, Hongyan Automobile Research and Manufacturing Center and other scientific research institutions to accelerate the development of special new materials, automatic hardware production lines, cryogenic treatment production lines and other technologies. Fill the domestic gap.    The third is to build a platform carefully. Build public service platforms such as Dazu Hardware Industry Incubation Park, Hardware Testing Center, E-commerce Center, Talent Training Center, etc., train more than 2,000 hardware practitioners per year, and carry out more than 10,000 quality inspections. The e-commerce center has a turnover of more than 70 million yuan. The China Dazu Hardware Science and Technology City, a ministry-city cooperation project covering an area of u200bu200b3 square kilometers and a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan, will be completed in 2012. The platform is a way of cooperation and exchange between enterprises and helps enterprises to contact each other. The fourth is the introduction of new processing technology. The use of the latest laser cutting processing technology to reduce production and processing links, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and maximize profits. Wuhan High Energy Laser not only has excellent technology in the field of metal laser cutting machines. Contribute and promote our own laser cutting machines to more than 40 countries abroad. Obtained CE certification in the United States and UL certification in Europe. In 2002, we were rated as a high-tech enterprise by the Hubei Province Science and Technology Department. We are not only technologically leading in conquering sheet metal, but also It also spares no effort in the integrity of the enterprise. If you want to know the product details of Wuhan High Energy Laser Equipment, you can log in to http://www.gnlaser.com/?fproducts for reference.
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