The growth of the domestic sheet metal processing market drives the development of metal cutting equipment

by:Caodahai     2021-09-10
In recent years, the growth rate of the domestic metal processing market has soared. As far as the sheet metal processing equipment-metal laser cutting machine is concerned, its market size has exceeded 10 billion yuan. The sales of metal laser cutting machines of Wuhan High Energy Laser alone accounted for 3% of these points. Among them, the high-end market sales of mainly sheet metal precision processing are the hottest.   Now the newly developed fiber laser cutting machine has also begun to emerge, and it has obvious advantages in sheet metal processing. Since the advent of the medium and small power fiber laser cutting machine developed by Wuhan High Energy Laser, it has received great response in the market. Compared with the high-power developed by other companies, the domestic high-power fiber laser technology is not mature enough in practical applications. Generally, metal sheets with a thickness of more than 6mm are more difficult to cut, and the cutting effect is not very satisfactory. The cost of fiber laser cutting machine is relatively high, so in general processing thin plates, it is recommended to use a small and medium power fiber laser cutting machine is sufficient. According to the analysis of the growth trend of the metal processing industry, the market share of laser cutting equipment will gradually expand in the future, which will bring a development opportunity to the laser cutting machine manufacturer http://www.gnlaser.com/?fpage/c000344 .
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