The growth of my country's laser industry requires down-to-earth innovation and research and development

by:Caodahai     2021-09-06
The application of laser technology has changed our lives, making our lives more colorful and more convenient. Nowadays, laser technology has radiated to the fields of communication, processing, medical treatment, film and television, etc. Especially in recent years, laser processing and manufacturing technology has played an increasingly important role in the development of my country's industry. The most common laser processing technology we use are laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser welding machines and laser drilling machines. With the acceleration of international economic integration, the demand for laser processing technology in my country’s industry is increasing. Dependence, improving the level of laser processing technology in my country is imminent, but the level of laser processing in my country is still in its infancy. The utilization rate of laser cutting machines in China is 85% lower than that of foreign countries. Therefore, the growth of our laser industry still requires continuous down-to-earth efforts to innovate and develop. Regarding the development of laser technology, Academician Wang Daheng, the father of Chinese optics, expressed his own views: 'We must abandon the bad cycle of introduction, backwardness, re-introduction, and backwardness, learn to introduce, digest, and absorb, and strive to use foreign technology for our own use. , Otherwise China’s laser technology will fail. Wuhan High Energy Laser is a company specializing in manufacturing and selling laser cutting machines in Wuhan. In terms of the innovative development of laser technology, it has introduced foreign technology into its own equipment, and then independently developed new ones. The use of functions makes the laser cutting machine more practical and maneuverable. In the eyes of industry peers, this is an important sign that China's laser processing industry has begun to fully break through the level of many international competitors, and also confirms that China's laser The growth of the industry requires a down-to-earth viewpoint of innovative research and development.
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