The future market development prospects of my country's fiber laser cutting machine are considerable

by:Caodahai     2021-09-06
Changes in the demand for laser cutting equipment are often accompanied by the development of my country's sheet metal processing industry. Since its early days, China has become the world's largest consumer of sheet metal processing demand. my country's sheet metal processing technology is continuously adjusted with the development of processing equipment technology, and technological progress has also accelerated the realization of sustainable development of new processing technology transformation. With the improvement of the processing precision and efficiency of the laser cutting machine series products, the market prospects of my country's laser cutting machine in 2013 will also have new changes.   At present, most of the sheet metal cutting equipment used in our country are plasma cutting machines, which are huge in number and the problem of processing speed is prominent. Therefore, efficiency issues and machining accuracy have become a major obstacle restricting its development. Improving sheet metal processing efficiency and processing accuracy is currently the most important task of processing manufacturers. Since the emergence of the GN-CF3015 fiber laser cutting machine developed by Wuhan High Energy Laser, the fiber laser cutting machine can greatly improve the efficiency of sheet metal processing, the cutting accuracy has been greatly improved, and the waste of processing materials has been reduced to the enterprise. Brings huge benefits; the operating system and operation interface are more and more in line with the requirements of ergonomics, which can effectively reduce the error rate of operators and reduce accidents caused by errors. The fiber laser cutting machine is the third generation of laser cutting equipment. In the next 20 years, it will still occupy the leading position in sheet metal processing. From the perspective of the development of the sheet metal processing industry, it is sheet metal to solve the processing efficiency and cutting accuracy. Processing the direction of future development. At present, the domestic fiber laser cutting machine market is huge. The application of new technology to transform traditional industries can not only improve product quality but also rapidly develop emerging industries. Therefore, the future market development prospects of my country's fiber laser cutting machine are considerable.
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