The era of metal laser cutting machines

by:Caodahai     2021-09-18
The metal laser cutting machine must undergo strict quality inspection and precision testing before production. Let the equipment run uninterrupted for 48 hours. During the operation, expand the cutting data of the running equipment and change the cutting method, and test the response of the equipment. When buying Jurong Dahua CNC cutting machines, many customers will always ask about the cutting accuracy with regard to the cutting efficiency of the cutting gun. The accuracy of the cutting machine can be guaranteed to be 0.01MM/step before leaving the factory, and the accuracy error is about ±0.5MM. This error is several times higher than the error of the cutting machine itself, but this error is not caused by the equipment itself, but cutting It is caused by the thickness of the steel plate, the process, the cutting nozzle, and the fire adjustment in the sequence. The update cycle of new products in the metal laser cutting machine industry has become shorter and shorter with the development of technology. As the most important metal laser cutting machine product, it is very important for companies that need it. However, with the new Product changes and launches have increased the requirements for metal laser cutting machines. Metal laser cutting machine manufacturers have also expanded and changed metal laser cutting machines from time to time in accordance with market requirements, just to better serve the public. The successful transformation of metal laser cutting machine is the manifestation of many years of hard work by many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers in the metal laser cutting machine industry. my country's metal laser cutting machine has made a breakthrough in technology and has entered a new stage of self-development. It also contributed to the progress of other related industries.
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