The early development of laser technology in China

by:Caodahai     2021-09-06
In 1957, Wang Daheng and others established China’s first specialized optics research institute in Changchun—the Institute of Optics and Precision Instruments and Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Changchun) Workers grew rapidly, and Deng Ximing was one of the outstanding representatives. As early as 1958, shortly after the famous papers on laser principles by American physicists Xiao Luo and Towns were published, he actively advocated the development of this new technology research and condensed them in a short period of time. Innovative young and middle-aged research teams put forward a large number of ideas and experimental plans to improve the brightness, unit color, and coherence of the light source. The world's first laser came out in 1960. In the summer of 1961, under the auspices of Wang Zhijiang, it became the first in China Taiwan’s ruby u200bu200blaser was successfully developed. In the following few years, laser technology has developed rapidly and produced a number of advanced results. Various types of solid, gas, semiconductor and chemical lasers have been successfully developed. In terms of basic research and key technologies, a series of New concepts, new methods and new technologies (such as cavity Q mutation and rotating mirror Q adjustment, traveling wave amplification, rhenium ion utilization, free electron oscillation radiation, etc.) have been proposed and implemented, many of which are original.    at the same time. As a new light source with excellent characteristics such as high brightness, high directivity, and high quality, lasers were quickly applied in various technical fields, showing strong vitality and competitiveness. In terms of communications, in September 1964, a laser was used to demonstrate the transmission of TV images. , In November 1964, it achieved 3 to 30 kilometers of calls. In industry, the laser drilling machine was successfully used in the production of drawing dies in May 1965, and significant economic benefits were obtained. In medicine, laser retina welder in June 1965 Animal and clinical experiments were carried out. For national defense, a laser diffuse reflection rangefinder (with an accuracy of 10 meters/10 kilometers) was successfully developed in December 1965, and a remote pulse laser Doppler velocimeter was developed in April 1966.
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